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With the tatschi Glove you can touch objects in everyday life and at work without hesitation. Thanks to the optimized design, the gloves can be put on and taken off in seconds and are always ready to hand.

Your hands stay clean!


Your tatschi Gloves are your hygienic hand protection on the road!

You can now touch busy surfaces with a clear conscience:

on the escalator

when pressing buttons

when carrying beverage crates

riding an elevator

when using door handles

when shopping

on public transport

while refueling

On delivery


Gloves attach to zipper

The pair of gloves is each attached via carabiners to extra-long, extendable zippers.

Attach zipper to clothing

Then the zippers incl. gloves are simply and quickly hung on a piece of clothing. Thus, the gloves are always handy on the go.

Quickly insert hands

The glove shape is ergonomically optimized and open at the top. So your hands slide easily and in seconds into the Gloves.

Grasping objects without thinking

With your hand in the glove, you can now touch objects such as doorknobs, grab bars, shopping cart handles without hesitation.




Why are tatschi Gloves sustainable?

The hygienic gloves can be washed at up to 85°C in the washing machine or dishwasher.

Cleaning with disinfectant is also possible. Thus, the gloves can be reused countless times.

This makes the glove the sustainable alternative to disposable gloves in many areas.

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers about tatschi Glove:

Depending on which color you choose, sizes S, M/L and XL are available. Not every color is available in every size. You can find a detailed overview in our store.

Yes, due to its resistant material, the gloves are reusable and can be cleaned at up to 85°C in the dishwasher or washing machine. Alternatively, they can also be cleaned with disinfectants.

The tatschi Gloves are connected via extendable ropes with a zipper / badge yoyos.
These can be easily attached to e.g. pants and are always ready to hand. The extra-long, reinforced 90 cm rope ensures the best freedom of movement, for example, also for grabbing objects overhead.

The gloves protect against direct contact with surfaces. Due to their clever design and the freely movable thumb and index finger, the Gloves can also grip small objects.
The Glove is not a safety glove. They do not protect against cuts, acid and heat / open fire.

Conventional gloves are cumbersome to put on and take off and are usually worn for long periods of time. In addition, the other hand is needed to put on conventional gloves. It often happens that people with contaminated gloves unknowingly touch their faces.
Tatschi Gloves, on the other hand, can be put on and taken off in seconds and therefore do not have to be worn on the hand all the time.

The gloves are child’s play to use and are suitable for children from the age of six.

Since they do not contain latex and are also otherwise made of skin-friendly material without additives, the gloves are ideal for allergy sufferers.

Yes, for this purpose the zipper must be hooked onto the garment by means of the carabiner. Before use, check that the closure is fully closed and secured.