The clever hygiene companion for everyday school life


The concern is great: school lessons must not become a superspreader event. The resumption of school operations after the summer holidays poses a great challenge for both teaching staff and students. Although strict hygiene regulations apply in schools throughout Germany, even resource- and time-consuming disinfection does not provide complete protection against pathogens spreading on busy surfaces in school buildings.

With the innovative tatschi®Glove, nothing now stands in the way of a hygienic start to school: Within seconds on the hand, the Gloves protect against contact with much-frequented surfaces and objects. The Gloves are therefore the clever and sustainable alternative to the often used disposable gloves and offer more effective protection than occasional disinfection. The Gloves are available in the own webshop at since 04 August 2020.

The tatschi®Glove is suitable for everyday use: attached to the clothing with an extra-long, extendable zipper, the Glove is ready for use at any time – it is only used when you really need it.

The tatschi®Glove is environmentally and health friendly: Made in Germany from durable, recyclable, latex-free material, the Glove is reusable and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher or washing machine. Frequent hand disinfection is no longer necessary with the Glove – this protects the skin and the environment.

The tatschi®Glove is available in three sizes (Small, Unistandard, Full Size) and nine different colours. The Glove has been available as a set in the webshop since August 4th at the introductory price of 19.95 Euro. The set includes a left and a right Glove, each with a zipper. Tatschi Products starts the distribution first in Germany and plans to supply its customers internationally shortly afterwards.

Project manager Ralph Schultes about Tatschi Products: “Whenever many people come together in one place, the risk of infection increases. I am convinced that the Glove will help to better protect our children and teachers – and at the same time make a normal school day possible”.

About Tatschi Products: Tatschi Products offers smart hygiene solutions for everyday life. Since May 2020, the tatschi team has been working on the development of the Glove and wants to continuously expand the tatschi product world. Managing directors are Alois Schneider, Andreas Puschel and Mathias Hüttenrauch.


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