The simple and practical employee protection


Companies around the world are looking for practical and effective hygiene helpers to better protect employees and send a clear signal: “We care about the health of our employees!

Delivery drivers in particular are in daily contact with germ hotspots such as bells and door handles. The tatschi®Glove creates in an innovative way a distance to these much frequented surfaces. Always ready to hand and put on in seconds, the Glove can be easily integrated into the daily work routine.

The tatschi®Glove is suitable for everyday use: Attached to your clothes with an extra-long, pull-out zipper, the Glove is always ready for use – it is only used when you really need it.

The tatschi®Glove is environmentally and health friendly: Made in Germany from durable, recyclable, latex-free material, the Glove is reusable and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher or washing machine. Frequent hand disinfection is no longer necessary with the Glove – this protects the skin and the environment.

The tatschi®Glove is available in three sizes (Small, Unistandard, Full Size) and nine different colors. 19.95 Euro is the introductory price of the Glove and it is available as a set in the webshop. The Glove comes with a left and a right Glove with one zipper each. Tatschi Products is starting the distribution in Europe and plans to supply its customers internationally shortly afterwards.

Managing Director Alois Schneider about Tatschi Products: “Modern and attractive employers are committed to the health of their employees. With the Glove, health protection can be easily integrated into the daily work routine. Therefore I am looking forward to the future of Tatschi Products”.

About Tatschi Products: Tatschi Products offers clever hygiene solutions for everyday life. Since May 2020, the tatschi team has been working on the development of the Glove and wants to continuously expand the tatschi product world. Managing directors are Alois Schneider, Andreas Puschel and Mathias Hüttenrauch.


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